Fundraising is a great way to rally your employees and customers to a good cause. Non-profits and charities need assistance throughout the year, and collecting donations is a great way to give back to the community. At its core, the process is easy enough. Choose a cause that’s important to you and reflects the values you want your business to represent. Promote the fundraiser to attract more business and donations. Finally, present the check. For this last part, you might go with a standard check and write a short blog post for social media. Another option? Ask for a photo with a giant, novelty check.

They’re big, eye-catching, and great for local news stories that raise awareness for charities and small businesses. This week, it’s time to take a closer look at oversized donation checks and how they:

  • Recognize employees and customers
  • Raise awareness for your business and the cause
  • Demonstrate the impact of your fundraiser

Big Checks Recognize Everyone’s Contribution

Everyone wants to feel good about their impact. Even small amounts can add up to something big. If you’re looking to celebrate the amount of money your employees and customers raise in a fun way, an oversized check can do the job. It clearly displays the total in large, bold numbers and letters. This makes it highly photographic (or Instagramable if that’s your thing), which in turn creates a shareable moment on social media for contributors and supporters. Many customers and employees are likely to share the event and give it a like to celebrate what coming together can accomplish.

Large Checks Raise Awareness for Your Business & Your Cause

Photos of charity directors accepting checks highlight the amount raised and bring publicity to the businesses involved. This is good on two fronts. First, raising awareness attracts new customers and more donations from individuals who were unaware of one or both of you. Second, a giant check photo demonstrates how your business plays a positive role in the community. Corporate responsibility has always been important, and with Millennials adding renewed interest to corporate responsibility, you have the potential to reach a wide audience today through fundraisers. This is a great opportunity for you and your cause.

Be candid when requesting a giant, novelty check photo and see if the local news is interested in publishing a story. News stories can raise awareness about the cause both while it’s going on and after it’s completed.

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Giant Check Photos Demonstrate Your Collective Impact (for Years to Come)

A giant, novelty check is a reminder to others about the impact of generosity. By framing the donation photo somewhere prominent, like a front desk or main office wall, you can inspire visitors for years to come. When someone enters your shop, they can reflect on the contribution. They may make a donation to the same charity or ask about your next fundraiser so they can play a part. In addition, employees and customers will have a greater understanding of the values your business upholds. This helps with your business identity and attracts customers and employees who have similar values.

Okay, but Can You Cash a Huge Check?

Ah, yes. The big question you didn’t know you had. The short answer is yes; the long answer, possibly. In order to transfer money, a bank needs certain information. However, nothing prevents you from submitting that information on other parchment.

What may get in your way is the bank red tape. While you might have all the information you need for a lawful transaction, your bank might have rules about non-standard sizes and designs.

There’s an article on cashing big novelty checks that explores the topic more in-depth for the curious. It also happens to detail one of the best examples of a non-standard check getting cashed: the story of Patrick Combs, who signed a junk-mail check for $90k with a smiley face and successfully cashed it at the bank.

A giant check is non-standard in a different way than a junk mail check. If the bank accepts it, the teller might just transfer the information to a standard size version and submit it. For this reason, many prize winners, like those from  choose to keep their big novelty checks as a souvenir.

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