In the digital age, one might think print materials do little to further a business’ presence and profits, but don’t become a stalwart of the screen too readily – the benefits of print media are here to stay. Here are some reasons why.

Print Media is Tangible

Business cards, Direct Mail, and postcards are all physical reminders of your business, identity, and mission on a piece of paper, providing the benefits of print media. Tangible print media is more successful because it provides a sensory experience. Clients seeing the bright colors of your brand and running their hands over the glossy embossed logo on one of your materials will create recognition. Holding an actual object allows for sensory input. This interaction stimulates the portion of your brain that controls memory more than anything tech has to offer. Diving even deeper, The Scientific American states that the human brain recalls specific words and phrases better when they appear on paper than on a screen. There is more interaction. Metaphorically, it also solidifies that your business and brand are “real.” Consumers have a real piece of your business, making it seem more prestigious and trustworthy. Digital Media does not have the same impact.

Print Media has Longevity

Physicality results in longevity. Look in your wallet or a drawer in your house. I bet there is a brochure or business card of a local business you refer back to for information time and time again. It might be weathered and yellowed, but it’s still there. Old and reliable. Online ads appear for a second, then disappear due to the frightful algorithm platforms like Instagram and Facebook employ, never to be seen by potential customers again. That is if they are even being looked at in the first place. Many times digital advertisements are never viewed and have little to no engagement. When given the option, people close or skip them as fast as they can. Having a print advertisement in a local newspaper or magazine ensures it will be passed around and seen by the people most likely to become your customers.

Creates Credibility and Personability

Think about the manner in which many print materials are distributed. With a smile after an interaction with a new or longtime customer. Amidst a handshake at a community event. Tangible media furthers these notions of personability and humanity. What seems more genuine and sincere? A mass email was sent to a mailing list. Or a carefully crafted postcard with a handwritten signature of an employee you know by name? Print media allows customers and employees to form relationships. By utilizing the print media to showcase your dedication to your customers, you can cultivate a loyal customer base and establish your business as one that prioritizes their needs. This can enhance your reputation and build trust with your audience, ultimately leading to greater success.

Cost Effective

You run a business! When it comes to advertising and marketing, you want the best bang for your buck. Unfortunately, many businesses prioritize digital media. Print media is more affordable and effective. We’ve established that the presence and accuracy of digital media is a free-for-all. The only companies getting the most out of are those who have the means to pay for top promotion and association with the best keywords. The competition is stiff. In print media, there is a specific strategy as to where and when your advertisements and presence are relayed to the consumer.