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Business cards

Business cards allow you to make a great first impression with your brand. This shows your prepared, and networking is all about making a genuine connection. Nothing is more effective than an in person meeting sealed with a handshake. When you walk away you want to be remembered, and that’s where a premium high quality business card can make an impact.  Don’t worry about designing, we can take care of the greater Scranton and Wilkes Barre business card needs.

You have the options of High-quality, full-color offset and digital business card printing available on multiple premium paper stocks like Matte, Glossy, Linen, Pearl and more.  Various sizes 1.75 x 3 | 1.75 x 3 (slim) | 2 x 3 | 2 x 3.5 (U.S. Standard) | 3.35 x 2.17 (European Standard) .  Styles including Standard, Round, Triple Thick, Square, Leaf, Folded and more available upon request.

Why should I choose Center City Print to print my business cards?

Contrary to popular belief, business cards are stillbig part of marketing and networking. If you have a business card that correctly represents you as a company, it is very likely that this will result in a wealth of benefits.  Here are some things Center City Print can provide you:

We have a special way of turning  something so basic into an unforgettable tool that can cause an everlasting impression regarding your brand. Our cards are of premium quality which won’t leave your potential client thinking “cheap”. We provide you with all the right tools , such as multiple graphic designers that will assist you in creating a professional creative design, hence ensuring your brand stays with them after.

Having trouble with design? We have you covered. Our multiple graphic designers are on staff to help, as a result this ensures your expectations are met.

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