The Mission

Here For a Reason believes that every person has something to give. Every person has unique abilities and skills that allow them to address challenges in a personal and creative way. Lasting change happens when the community comes together, each using the gifts they’ve been given to work towards a common goal. Right now, Here For A Reason is seeking to address the issue of food insecurity in Northeastern Pennsylvania. We believe that by joining together, we can address the need for food that is so prevalent within the city of Scranton and the surrounding areas.

The Partnership

We here at Center City Print believe in Here For A Reason’s mission and wanted to give back by creating a partnership. We are doing this by involving ourselves in each event that they have available. We go a step further by making a quarterly donation to their cause. We pledge to donate 1% from every sale online. We also will offer the ability for our customers to get involved:

  1. Customers will be able to contribute in person and at the time of checkout online.
  2. Center City Print will make sure to promote any events that Here For A Reason creates.
  3. Center City Print will make sure to enable their messaging through our corporate channels.

“It’s not just about meeting needs. It’s about helping people realize that there is a solution that there is hope. We believe in hope. We believe we are here for a reason.”

What Here For A Reason Does


Food insecurity is a growing problem across America and it’s hitting our region hard. Across our the United States, 1 in 5 children struggle with food insecurity. According to PA Partnerships For Children, 94% of the children in the Scranton Schools are at risk of food insecurity. Here For A Reason is attempting to provide nutritious and delicious meals to the people of Scranton and the surrounding areas. We do this through community wide food packaging events which bring together volunteers from all over the region to package 10,000 meals in a few hours. At $1 a meal, it’s a minimal cost to effectively meet a very clear need. Our goal is to do these 10,000 meal events twice a year.


Our HFAR house project is all about kids. We saw the number of middle school-high school age kids who have nowhere to be. Some just need a place that’s off the street, some need help with homework, some need a place to feel safe. We want to see a house in every neighborhood in Scranton. A place where middle school and high school students know that they can go to have some fun, get help when they need it, and join a community that helps them develop in life.


Wanting to change your life requires effort. Whether that means prison re-entry, getting off the streets, or ending the cycle of poverty in your life, the road seems overwhelming. We hope to make it easier by providing assistance in job placement, rides to work, and managing finances.

Here For A Reason Began as a Concept

Because we believe this, we also believe that together we can find solutions to the issues that hold us up and keep us struggling. By combining our unique passions and abilities we can be a force for real, lasting change within the region of northeast PA. In the last few years, we have been able to mobilize hundreds of volunteers and provide over 30,000 meals to those in need here in Scranton. Our goal is to maintain 30,000 meals a year and branch out into other ventures, providing more opportunities to bring together people’s passion to serve with those in need. HOW TO GET INVOLVED: We depend upon people who realize that they can use their unique abilities and passions to better the community they live in. You can be part something bigger than yourselves; you are here for a reason.

Here For a Reason is a part of positive change in our community. If you would like to be a part of it let us know!

Your part in this movement begins with a conversation about who you are, what you love, and how we can work together. If that sounds good to you then let’s talk!