Taking Care of Our Home

No matter who you are or where you are, one thing’s for sure: the Earth is your home. Not only is it your home, but it’s everyone else’s as well. So, what does this mean?

It means that we have a responsibility to care for and look after our planet. The decisions we collectively make shape the health of our environment. This is why, especially in the world of printing, it’s of the utmost importance to go green.

The Importance of Recycling

One of the most important things that companies and consumers should do alike to do their part in preventing negative climate change is recycling. While not all kinds of paper are recyclable (check with your local government to learn about your specific recycling programs), most kinds of paper produced by print shops and used in offices, schools, or other businesses are reusable.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) highlighted some of the biggest advantages of recycling paper in an article on their website. These advantages include, but are not limited to reduced greenhouse gas emissions, help in the process of removing excess carbon from our atmosphere, reduced energy and water use, and lessens the need for environmentally harmful paper disposal methods.

Considering the ease of recycling, why not just do it? When we as a global community partner in our efforts to end the negative impacts of climate change, we make a difference.

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Sustainability in Printing

As printing companies, it is our duty to do our part to protect the planet, especially because we rely so heavily upon natural resources for our businesses. This is why focusing on sustainability is key.

In a market that has the potential to create excessive waste, we need to do our part in committing to using recycled materials as much as possible. Along with the legally mandated regulations that come with environmental safety, we must make an effort to utilize recycled materials in both our products and processing techniques. Service is all about quality, and the best quality is good for the customer and climate equally!

Beyond Paper

The realm of print is not limited to paper only. Printing companies have to be concerned equally as much with plastic and ink as with paper.
Making the switch to biodegradable plastic and ink is not only cost-friendly, but, even more importantly, good for the planet! Inks made from soy and vegetables and plastics made from corn starch are excellent alternatives to consider switching to as a printing company.

Doing Our Part With One Tree Planted

In an effort to become a more eco-friendly organization, Center City Print has partnered with One Tree Planted to combat deforestation.

One Tree Planted is a non-profit organization dedicated to global reforestation and climate protection. They’ve worked to plant over 4 million trees globally to keep our planet safe and healthy, protect biodiversity, and even created employment opportunities!

Our Center City Print family pledges to donate a tree to be planted for every order of $35 or more, meaning that your order has never mattered more! Contact us today and join us in our efforts to save the planet!