The New Year is here, and that means there are more opportunities to try new and different things. You can try using that new diet book that has been gathering dust on your bookshelf. You can rid yourself of your late night Netflix binges, or you can try and give print media a try. “How? How can I start using print media? That’s outdated!” you say. Wrong. Here are some reasons to give print media a try.

You’re a Small Business Owner

Too many times I have seen people with a small business try to rely on just social media to help them. Social media is great, but utilizing print media can vastly improve the way your business stands up to the competition. Try having Center City Print make your business cards. This way, you can spread your name all while giving people something back that they can actually hold in their hands and consequently remember you by. You can use flyers and pamphlets as well. They can be handed off at local businesses, or used in a portfolio of your services.

You’re Getting Married

First off, congratulations! Second, why don’t you create your RSVP invitations at Center City Print? Better yet, you can also have specialized envelops, magnets, or flyers developed as well. You can even customize them to have pictures, or basically anything else you see fit. This is a great way to send out notifications to everyone; letting them know where and when the wedding is. Being that this is using a print medium, it adds a more personal touch overall. So after sending out that mass invite on Facebook, take a little time to personalize!

You’re in The Food Industry

Now is the perfect time to create or make changes to your “perfect” menu. Having an updated menu will have people coming to your restaurant again and again. You may also want to create flyers showing just what you specialize in as well. Try to take your restaurant to the next level with specialized menus YOU help design!

You’re planning an Event

Planning a late New Year’s Party or other event? No problem! Events are one of the greatest reasons to use print media. Flyers and pamphlets help perfect your details. Using print media is a great way of direct mailing the future attendees. On your flyer you can include what the date of the event is, where it will be held, and any additional information you see fit. You can also personalize it with any pictures.

Hopefully you will get started with these uses for print media. Maybe you can cross some of those New Year’s resolutions off your list!

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