What do we do with SMM?
A few years ago, social media marketing was something anyone could do. As long as your business posted on Facebook, you were already doing more than your competition. There was no need to market, and there existed no AI algorithms available from which to collect data.

However, social media marketing has since gotten a little complicated. Boosted posts now only receive vanity likes and engagement, but no conversions. Vanity likes aren’t entirely useless, though! They can serve as “social proof." This concept states that people are more likely to trust something if they see others already do. The more likes you have, the more social proof your business secures. That being said, create a specific plan to tactically utilize social proof in your marketing plan. Otherwise, direct your ad spending in better ways.

81% of digital marketing fails to produce a positive ROI ...You Deserve Better

Social Media Marketing(SMM)


A group of graphics designers, project managers, and data analyst mavens comprise our team of strategists. We take the time to understand your business, marketing goals, vision, and advertising logistics in order to provide a realistic execution plan based on your specific needs and budget

Analytic Audit

By incorporating analytical social tracking for your business, we are able to continuously monitor and adjust your campaigns using data and metrics from AI and algorithms currently in use on live marketing campaigns.

Content & Creative

Our creative team treats content and creativity as a royal couple requiring cultivation and time, as they are often the factors that make or break a marketing campaign. Executed together, this creates a foolproof strategy that has helped grow businesses' profit margins.

Campaign Targeting

The final step in our marketing plan centers on creating a niche audience based on your business’s ideal demographic.This creative process directly targets your potential customers’ behaviors, interests, activities, lifestyle choices, and much more. This ensures your ads are being shown only to the right people who will eventually convert.