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Through Direct Mail

Why Choose Direct Mail Marketing?

Direct mail marketing is a form of advertising where businesses and organizations send messages through traditional mail. In a world where smart phones and social media platforms dominate, you might question the effectiveness of direct mail advertising. However, data shows that direct mail is nothing to ignore. On the contrary, direct mail campaigns are on the rise. In fact, the Data and Marketing Association (DMA) released a report showing a 4.4% response rate for direct mail vs a 0.12% response rate for email.

Even in the digital era, direct mail remains a viable marketing strategy.

Types of Direct Mail Marketing

  1. Every Door Direct Mail: Also known as EDDM, Every Door Direct Mail lets you target a geographic area. You don’t need a mailing list to get started. Instead, USPS lets you see demographics within an area. You get to choose which routes to target based on income, age, family size, and other demographic data collected for each zip code route. This makes it easy to target people who fit your audience and are more likely to be interested in your services.
  2. Targeted Mailing List: Use a list of addresses to set up a direct mail marketing campaign. There are several ways to get a mailing list. You might build one over time from customers who opt in online or in-store. Another method is to purchase a list from a reputable seller. There are many ways to collect information on the demographics you wish to target.

To be Direct. . .

Here’s why you should send direct mail:

  1. Reliable - There’s a popular saying attributed to the post office. You may remember it like this: “Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds.” Fun fact: this isn’t the USPS motto. The saying comes from Greek historian Herodotus, but it’s safe to say post office couriers don't let much stand in their way. In other words, direct mail has a high rate of delivery. Compare this to mass email marketing, where your message may get lost in a sea of competing promotions. When you choose direct mail, someone at the home or business needs to collect it.
  2. Inexpensive - Save money with direct mail. Reduce costs by mailing customers who are on your list or within a geographic area that meets your target demographic. Whichever option you choose is a cost-effective approach that beats blind mailing.
  3. Target-able - Rather than sending a generic message to everyone, use direct mail to target your key markets. Many businesses have products or services that appeal to different types of people. You can customize your promotional material by each demographic to appeal to the needs of each.

Ready to get started? There’s a lot of freedom in how you choose to advertise your company, charity, or movement. Send everything from traditional letters in custom envelopes to promotional brochures, political postcards, and limited time offers.

How Do I Create a Direct Mail Marketing Campaign?

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