Gain Loalty

Through Direct Mail

Why Direct Mail Marketing?

  1. Target-able- Rather than sending a generic message to your potential customers, direct mail allows you to specifically target your key markets. Thus, the mail stands out and is much more effective as a result.
  2. Reliable- Direct mail has a highly successful rate of delivery compared to online mass marketing that may or may not reach your intended markets.
  3. Inexpensive- With direct mail, you reduce costs by only targeting and sending mail to your key clients!

How do I create a Direct Mail Marketing Campaign?

Simply call us for a free marketing consultation, and one of our professional marketing experts will help you generate ideas on gaining new customers, improving existing promotions, and exploring effective promotional methods.

Why Choose Center City Print?

Our team of promotional experts have a successful track record of fulfilling direct marketing campaigns using design, print and mailing services. Our experienced professionals have dedicated themselves to creating promotions and turning them into profits. Whether you need design, print or direct mailing for your marketing needs, simply follow the steps below, give us a call and let us know how we can help.

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