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What do we do with SEO?
We create a methodology of strategies, techniques and tactics that manipulate code and content to increase traffic on your site. This creative process ensures your local business or service will rank higher search results over time.

In the USA alone an estimated 5.5 billion local searches are performed on Google on both mobile and desktop.

With such figures, it’s easy to understand the significance of the internet for local searches. Proper optimization and marketing ensure that a local business receives a maximum share of those monthly searches. Not only that, but it also translates site traffic to transactions.

50% of mobile searchers and 34% of desktop searchers who conduct a local search visit a store within 1 day.

This Google statistic proves what multiple studies have shown: people research online and shop offline. In fact, another statistic from the same Google paper states that 30% of consumers would rather buy from a local store instead of online if they knew the store was nearby.