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Yard Signs

Yard signs can be a highly effective customer acquisition tool if done correctly. Take your outdoor advertising to the next level for effective yard sign marketing. Do you have a long list of products/services that your company offers? Pick out just one — maybe it’s your favorite, the most popular, the newest, the one you are planning to promote at that time, etc. — and have that one be the one you call out on your yard sign. Then, once someone has arrived at your store, you can provide them with info as to your additional products/services. Remember, the purpose of  is to get potential customers in the door.

Perhaps the biggest impact of yard signs is brand recognition. Having a sign that says “Roofing Service Call 1(800)-800-1800” is fine and dandy, but it doesn’t have something recognizable in case a potential customer decides to call you at a later time. When you have your logo and color scheme tied in with a targeted direct mail campaign, you have a better chance of being remembered and called later on.

Size: 18 x 24 (10 min) | 24 x 36 (5 min)

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18 x 24 (10 min), 24 x 36 (5 min)


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