Advertise While Driving with Vehicle Magnets

Magnets are an easy and inexpensive way to convert your car, truck, or van into an effective marketing tool. Instead of spending more money for a permanent wrap, you can stay in budget with magnetic signs on your side doors. If your logo, slogan, or colors change in the future, you can quickly make updates with a new sign. You can even swap between seasonal magnets. Ultimately, vehicle signage can expose your marketing message to more potential clients.

Did you know: A survey conducted by the American Trucking Association reports that 91% of people recall the marketing message, and 75% form an impression of a business based on this message.

Are Custom Magnets Right for My Business?

Magnets are great for small businesses with one or more vehicles that travel normal speeds on city and town roads. They’re also good for local business owners who use their personal car or truck as a work vehicle. However, they do require some maintenance. You, or an employee, should take the magnet down regularly and clean it. This keeps it looking its best. It also helps you preserve your vehicle’s paint and prevents the magnet from becoming stuck. While maintenance takes a little time, it’s still easy enough to do and can provide you with a more cost-effective way to advertise than other methods.

Have questions about vehicle signage? Consult with the team at Center City Print. We can help you make an informed choice. We offer a variety of print products and signage options, including vinyl decals.

What’s the Reach with Custom Magnets?

How many people will see and remember your signage depends on several factors. One factor is the population size of your area. The more people, the more opportunities exist to get eyes on your advertisement. Consider Northeast Pennsylvania. Lackawanna County has a population over 210,000, while Luzerne County has a population of over 315,000. These are just two counties in NEPA where a local business in Wilkes-Barre, PA, or Clarks Summit, PA, might advertise while driving. While not everyone living in an area is going to pass your car on the road or see your van parked in a public area, large populations can put more eyes on your sign.

Another factor is how far you travel. For example, a local business owner in West Pittston, PA, or Moosic, PA, might have only one truck or a few vans that travel within a small area. While the magnetic signs won’t be seen by as many people, they may become a common sight to others who live within the community or travel the same route. A large magnetic car sign (or other vehicle magnet) can strike an impression that sticks. You’re not just that van seen on someone’s route to work every day. Now you’re that van from Company X. When the day comes that the person following you needs the products or services you sell, they might just think of you first.

Magnet Care

Magnetic signs are an affordable way for many businesses to advertise, but there are a few things you should keep in mind to ensure you remain satisfied with any magnetic sign you apply to your vehicle. First, make sure to apply your magnet on a smooth, steel surface. Ensure the magnet isn’t over a handle and doesn’t have any loose corners or sides. It’s easy for water and debris to get inside small crevices, so this is important to do whenever you apply a car magnet.  Second, remove your magnet weekly to avoid polarization. If you never take your magnet off, it may become stuck. Thankfully, it isn’t hard to keep your magnet and your vehicle in proper condition if you take a little time to take care of them.

Vehicle magnets can be an affordable way to promote your brand over other methods.

Design Tips for Magnetic Vehicle Signs

Most people will only have a few moments to read your car or van magnet, so large letters coupled with short clear phrases will make the information easier to see and understand. Your font and colors should match other marketing material for your business to increase recognition. Using a border around the message focuses attention and makes the sign easier to read. According to the Pennsylvania College of Optometry (PCO), signs with borders help viewers read 25% faster than signs without borders.

At Center City Print, our magnets are strong, durable, and able to last a long time. Properly cleaning, maintaining, and storing business magnets will make your message appear loud and clear for many years to come.

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At Center City Print, we know what it’s like to market locally through traditional methods like direct mail, yard signs, and magnetic signs for trucks and other vehicles. We’ll help you every step of the way to ensure your satisfaction. We can even save you time and design your sign if you’re stuck on how you want your magnet to look.

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