Staggered Cut Flyers


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Staggered Cut Flyers

Now serving the greater Scranton and Wilkes-Barre area! Staggered cut flyers are an ideal way to share larger pieces of content without overwhelming your prospective customers. Each leaflet can focus on a distinct service or type of product, helping customers grasp facts and figures that influence sales. Pair staggered cut flyers with presentation folders for a professional look and easy distribution.

Great for Businesses, Schools, Charities. . .

There are many ways a business owner, non-profit group, or sales team can make use of staggered cut flyers. Below are a few applications:

  • Instructions & Procedures
  • Educational Resources
  • Event Programming
  • User Manuals
  • Research Data
  • Business Service & Product Benefits
  • Insurance & Health Care Education
  • New Employee Information Package

Staggered Cut Flyers, in combination with a presentation folder, are a professional way to advertise and educate. Your folder might also include tri-fold or bound brochures, custom bookmarks, or other promotional products.

Update Information as Needed

Another upside to staggered cut flyers is how easy it is to upgrade your information package in the future. Maybe your services or inventory grows over time and you’d like to reflect new offerings. Simply add additional sheets. Alternatively, let’s say a product or service changes. You only need to replace the one leaflet. saving you the hassle that would come from reprinting everything.

Staggered Cut Flyer Printing Options

Center City Print provides a variety of printing options for staggered cut flyers. Choose the number of pages you need, the quantity, and whether you need color on both sides or one. We offer both full color offset printing and digital printing. Upload your design and content (see our staggered cut flyer templates) online or contact us by phone. You can also visit us if you’re around the Scranton, PA or Kingston, PA areas.

Save Time on Design: Not sure the best way to format each leaflet? Let Center City Print take care of the design for you. We have graphic designers on staff who are happy to help you create a stunning information packet.

Staggered Cut Flyer Sizes: 3pg .25 | 3pg .50 | 4pg .25 | 4pg .50 | 5pg .25 | 5pg .50 | 6pg .25 | 6pg .50 | 7pg .25 | 7pg .50 | 8pg .25 | 8pg .50

Say What You Need in a Smart Way

When you have a lot of information to share, use staggered cut flyers. Whether it’s a welcome packet for parents enrolling their children in your school or a promotional packet for product benefits, your audience will appreciate the clean look and presentation of your content. While you can try to fit everything on one page, it might not create the best impression. Having space around your text is important for readability. Your audience will gloss over huge blocks of text and have a harder time finding what they want to read.

With staggered leaflets, you have more space to share what’s important in a reader-friendly format. Staggered cut flyers are eye-catching, providing data, benefits, and important information in an easy way.

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