Small & Large Poster Printing

Posters, in addition to prints, are brilliant for many occasions. You can market your local business, celebrate a milestone birthday, or create autographs for fans of your band or sports team. Sizes range from small to large, so you have options suited for both indoor and outdoor placement. From a standard 11×17 print to a large 24×36 print, posters are great for marketing, advertising, educating, and delighting.

A personalized design can make you stand out against the competition and attract customers. They are a great way to get your message or your brand out there.

What Size Poster is Best?

Before you can print, you have a choice to make. What size do you need? While options are great to have, they can be overwhelming. At the same time, size matters in marketing. Let’s say you own a small shop in Wilkes-Barre with a window that faces the street. You can’t expect drivers to see the text on a small poster while they drive by your shop, even if it’s facing them. However, you aldo need to keep your budget affordable. Large posters are great at grabbing attention, but they’re more expensive. Is a medium size print the best of both worlds?

That depends.

Here’s a quick rundown on where different sizes perform best.

Small: A small print is good for indoor spaces, where people are close enough to read the text. At this size, posters are a great tool for delivering a message to a target audience. A high school band playing at a local venue might place posters at their school, while a productivity speaker might choose local businesses with employees who would benefit from the talk. Think about who you want to target and where your audience gathers, then advertise there.

Medium: With an 18×24 poster or other medium size, you have more room for your message. This means you can use a larger font or photo. The additional space makes medium a popular size to find in homes, where fans like to hang posters of celebrities and movies. If you have your own fans who will purchase a custom poster as memorabilia, consider going with a medium print. In addition to the home, medium prints are great for medical offices and educational purposes.

Large: Big posters are an excellent choice for marketing, especially if you’re marketing outdoors. You can use equally large text to attract customers. If you place your ad outdoors or hang it facing the street, motorists may see it as they drive by your store. Outdoor posters are the best way to spread a quick and simple message, like “SALE THIS WEEK ONLY” and make you more noticeable to passersby.

Poster Printing Services

At Center City Print, we print posters in a variety of sizes to meet your needs. Whether you’re looking for custom birthday posters, personalized wedding posters, or marketing posters, we’re ready to assist. We’ve carefully selected our printing equipment to provide you with a high-quality product.

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