When it comes to content creation for your social media as a business owner, it is important. It’s crucial to make your already existing audience aware of what’s going on. Now that you know it’s important in some way, let’s talk about what data has said about likes… LIKES DON’T CONVERT TO DOLLARS This may

Social Media Marketing and You

Social Media Marketing Back when Facebook and Instagram was new, social media marketing was a breeze. This was the time before the algorithms that manipulate your feeds based on sponsored ads were created. At the time, if you were online you were set. Since then, social media has changed drastically. These days, it seems as

Why Responsive Design?

Do you have a responsive website? At Center City Print in Scranton, PA, we offer responsive web design to optimize your site and attract clientele. Why should you have a responsive website? A responsive website gives your users multiple ways to find what they’re looking for. Not everyone accesses the internet in the same way,

Direct Mail Marketing

Why Direct Mail Marketing? Even though the digital age has changed the direct marketing industry, direct mail marketing is still an incredibly effective means to market your business. In fact, technological and the web advancements have enhanced direct mail practices and enriched customer service. Direct mail marketing is a reliable, personal, and inexpensive method to reach