Wow is What We Aim for

It finally happened! Your partner popped the question and you couldn’t be happier. Everyone is all smiles and congratulations; then a week later you are knee deep in wedding plans trying to hold everything together with sticky notes. Engagements should be an enjoyable experience, but how can it be if you are overwhelmed with decisions

First Impressions

Job interviews, meeting your significant others parents for the first time, even making a sales pitch; they can be nerve-wracking. You work yourself up and things can go well or terribly wrong. First impressions can be a struggle to reverse or undo. Making it a positive one is extremely important, owing to the fact that

Non Profit Community Program

Center City Print gives back to the community with non-profit printing sponsorship’s and discounts. Center City Print, is giving back to the community with its Non Profit Community program, a sponsorship program that provides free and discounted printing service for non-profits and registered charities. Center City Print recognizes the need for low-cost, but high-quality services

Print Revolution

The printing press was first invented in the Holy Roman Empire by the German Johannes Gutenberg around 1440. Gutenberg, a goldsmith by profession, developed a complete printing system which perfected the printing process through all of its stages by adapting existing technologies, as well as making groundbreaking inventions of his own. His newly devised hand