After the automobile rolled out to the public, it didn’t take long for entrepreneurs to see its potential. One of the first was Milton Hershey, of Hershey Chocolate fame. Back in February 1900, Hershey brought the first automobile to Lancaster with the words “Hershey’s Cocoa” on its side. Over a century later, vehicle advertising is still in practice today. It’s not uncommon to see cars magnets targeting drivers stopped in traffic or shoppers walking by parked cars.

Vehicle advertising can help with your:

  • Ability to create impressions
  • Overall ROI potential
  • Branding capabilities

Using Vehicle Advertising to Create Impressions

The car magnet is one of several options when it comes to vehicle advertising, and it’s the focus of today’s article. Compared to other methods of advertising on cars, the magnet is a solid choice.  It’s better than the sign you threw in the rear windshield that’s made with a black sharpie, although it doesn’t have the pizzazz and permanency of a vinyl graphic. Still, it packs a punch in affordability and impacts potential.

Here’s some data to consider on the latter.

There are over 272 million vehicles registered in the United States. While this is an impressive number, it’s not like you’re traveling across the country in your car or delivery van to advertise a business in Scranton. For a more relevant number, you might reference this 2018 PennDot report. Here, you’ll learn that more than eight million of registered vehicles are passenger vehicles in Pennsylvania.

Even if you take this number lower by focusing on the population within a city, there are many opportunities to make an impression in our commonwealth. While driving around on your day-to-day business, you might attract the attention of a driver stuck at a red light or the kids playing I-Spy in the back. While not everyone needs what you’re selling, there are people out there who do. The driver at the light might know one or become one in the future if not already looking for what you offer. Automotive magnets give you an opportunity to create impressions on current customers and potential customers you don’t even know exist.

Another perk? Heavy traffic.

Look Forward to Holiday Traffic Jams

Does road congestion during the holidays leave you exasperated? No more! A car magnet turns this travel annoyance into an advertising opportunity. While grandma is stuck in traffic trying to get to the mall, she has more than ample time to notice the advertising magnet on your truck and consider your business. Holidays are the perfect time of the year to advertise on your car. The next time you’re stuck in a long line of vehicles, you can be a little more joyful knowing you’re advertising game is going strong.

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Is the ROI for Car Magnets Worth It?

At the end of the day, the most important number is what you make back from your efforts. To find out your return on investment, compare the one-time cost of a vehicle magnet to how many calls you need to generate to make your money back. Every business is different, but the longevity of a vehicle magnet is positive for many.

A couple of tips to maximize your magnet game:

  1. Emphasize Your Phone Number: Make your phone number large and in charge. Folks on the road don’t usually have a lot of time to remember your number if the light changes. They need to see it clearly in order to jot it down fast.
  2. Track Callers with an Offer: Add a special offer for anyone who mentions your magnet. This helps bring in new business while providing you with a means for tracking the effectiveness of your vehicle advertising campaign.

Car Magnets Can Be a Sign of Trust

If your business requires traveling to your customers, it helps to arrive in a vehicle that corroborates your identity. While it’s unlikely a stranger is going to show up on your customer’s doorstep pretending to be you, your customer may feel safer seeing your logo on the car door. Having a nice looking magnet vs nothing can also increase your professional appearance and give you a chance to make more impressions in the neighborhood while you’re parked there. For example, locals might spot your van outside a neighbor’s home and realize that neighbor trusts you enough to choose your business, so they may try you, too.

Get Your Vehicle Advertising Game On

This type of advertising is going places, literally. Get your own vehicle magnet at Center City Print. We provide a variety of magnet options, with a professional graphic design service available if you’re not sure what to make it look like. We’re also available for vinyl decals and graphics. However you choose to advertise on your vehicle, count on the team at Center City Print for what you need.

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