Why Direct Mail Marketing?

Even though the digital age has changed the direct marketing industry, direct mail marketing is still an incredibly effective means to market your business. In fact, technological and the web advancements have enhanced direct mail practices and enriched customer service. Direct mail marketing is a reliable, personal, and inexpensive method to reach your customers.

There are several ways direct mail marketing is more effective than online marketing…

Consider the amount of promotional emails you receive per day. How many of these emails do you personally read? It’s no secret that many people suffer from inbox overload. In just one day we receive more emails than we’re even capable of reading. Many people sort through emails, quickly deleting anything that doesn’t directly appeal to them. But when people receive a tangible piece of mail, it’s more likely they will actually read it. Entrepreneur reported that a study by Epsilon found 77% of consumers look at their physical mail as soon as they get it! And, data from the US Postal Service indicates 98% of people check their mail daily. Knowing this, it’s safe to say that direct mail marketing is a great way to get your sales piece or promotion read!

Direct mail marketing also provides a personal touch and deepens your customers’ loyalty to your brand or business. By sending them a tangible item they can hold, you’re adding value to their experience while creating a personal connection.

Even better? When the average person receives a piece of mail, they’re able to read it without the typical digital distractions. These include notifications, social media sites, and other online activities when checking their inboxes.

Further, direct mail marketing gives you the opportunity to really catch someone’s eye! With email, you are basically relying only on the subject line to get an open. With direct mail marketing, you can make your piece really stand out!

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