It’s estimated that Americans see around 5,000  ads per day. In an increasingly ad-heavy world, it’s important to break through that noise. Thankfully, you’ve got options. One of these is advertising through flyers. Of course, you can’t expect any old flyer to succeed. In order to create standout flyers, you need to define your goal, know your audience, and create a design that resonates with them.

Here are some starting tips to help you create your best flyer yet.

Define Your Goal

Before you start the design process, pick your goal. Are you advertising a holiday sale? Is there a product or service you’d like to push?  If you try to say too much, you won’t have as much space for bigger text or graphics. Give your flyer a clear and distinct purpose related to your goal. Whether it’s selling most of your old inventory during a limited time sale or filling more seats at an upcoming show, you need to know your purpose so you can identify the right audience to target.

Identify Your Target Audience

A flyer is a great way to raise awareness about an event, but you need to be realistic about your expectations. The general public is everyone, and not everyone is interested in what you’re selling. The solution? Narrow your audience so you can create a standout flyer that catches their attention. This is also important information to have when deciding where to hang your flyers. When you have an audience, you can think about the areas they frequent.

If you run a frightening hayride on Halloween, for example, you don’t want to advertise at the local cardiologist’s office. Instead, you might benefit from thinking about who tends to be a thrill seeker and try there. In this case, near colleges might be a better choice.

Emphasize Benefits

Think about the benefits for your audience. Will they feel good knowing they’ll save a life by donating blood? Would they enjoy a family-friendly night of laughs at the upcoming musical performance? Is that flower arrangement you’re selling going to be the perfect centerpiece for Thanksgiving, creating memories for years to come? There are so many was to appeal to your audience and create a standout flyer.

Remember: products and services sell because they meet a need. What does your targeted audience desire?

Create a Design that has Impact

Design matters. A good example is the classic, comedic story known as Missing Missy. Told through back and forth emails, the tale follows a busy designer and his increasingly satiric flyer designs for his secretary’s missing cat.  It’s a humorous bit that also happens to show the power of design and graphic placement, especially when the flyers become more akin to movie posters.

Whether you’re advertising services and products or promoting a non-profit event, you need a design that works. There’s no need for crazy backgrounds and graphics falling off the page. Stay true to your business or event theme without overwhelming everyone.

In addition, make sure any important information is present. You don’t want to forget details like where to go or when the event is happening. Similarly, it’s a good idea to make it a habit to review all contact and address information before printing.

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Get Permission to Place Your Flyers Up

Finally, make sure you have permission to hang your flyers where you want. You may need to spend a little time tracking down the right people, but it’s not worth printing standout flyers to have them discarded due to a business policy. There are also other reasons to get on the good side of a place that will host your flyers. If this is somewhere your customers frequent, it’s not a bad idea to be on good terms with the owner. Depending on the business, you may even consider running cross promotions or working together in other ways that support your goals.

Always Look for Inspiration & Track Which Flyers Call to You

Even if you don’t match the target audience of your business, you can still learn a thing or two from your reactions to flyers and other types of advertising around town. The next time something speaks to you, and you find yourself saying “yes, I need this,” pause and reflect on why. Keep a record of these moments and see what you discover about yourself and advertising over time.

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