A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

In the world of competitive business, your brand, or company’s image, must speak to the customer when you are unable to yourself. As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words, which is why your brand needs to be a focal point of your marketing.

Whether you’re a new and blooming small business or an already-established business with frequent customers, it’s necessary to constantly work on building your brand. Let’s take a look at the 5 W’s of branding and how they can elevate your marketing to the next level!

#1: Who?

As simple as it may seem, ask yourself: who are we (as a business)? Start with the most basic information about your company. Are you a bakery? A car dealership? A restaurant? Making this basic assessment will help you figure out how to approach your audience based on your knowledge of the existing market.

Then, ask yourself who your audience is. These two go hand in hand, and will help you figure out a theme to identify yourself with, as well as a tone in the language you use to communicate with your specific audience.

#2: What?

What makes you unique? Regardless of your exact market, competition is an essential element of business, and is why you need to stick out in the crowd. What service do you provide that your customer needs?

This is where creativity comes into play. Variety can be extremely refreshing, especially in markets that are oversaturated and full of repetitive gimmicks. What makes your business different is what makes it yours, and is what will draw in the customers. Make sure you highlight your company’s unique features in your branding!

#3: When?

When is the appropriate time to reach out to your audience? Depending on your market, this can greatly vary. For example, a seasonal ice cream shop might not need to advertise much in the winter, except for occasional reminders or promotions.

The time of year, month, week, or even day that you reach your customers influences the image of your business. Getting your timing right will help you invent and maintain the image your business needs to succeed. Specials and promotions for seasons and holidays are an excellent way to establish yourself as a company that is invested in its community.

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#4: Where?

Where is the best place to reach out to potential customers? In order to create a presence for your brand, you need to have an understanding of what platforms your competitors use, as well as how they use them.

One trend that simply mustn’t be ignored or overlooked is the significance of digital marketing in our current society. Nowadays, businesses of all kinds and sizes are putting emphasis on their digital presentation because of the increasing popularity of technology. According to a study by the Pew Research Center, 81% of Americans owned smartphones in 2019. Clearly, this shows just how useful digital marketing can be in our technology-driven world.

#5: Why?

Why are you in your business? Why should customers choose you? These questions make up the heart of your brand, influencing every decision you make as a business. It’s important to always be mindful of why you entered your business when creating your brand because those sentiments are the driving force of your company.

Maybe you got started because you have an adamant passion for fishing and want to provide people with quality gear to share your passion. Maybe you’ve always had a love for food and want to be somebody’s favorite restaurant. Whatever the cause may be, let it show in your branding.

How to Bring Your Brand to Life

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